vicious vicunt curry     

Descriptionbleedin hot
Curry TypeBiriyani
Time to prepare1 hour
Time to cook3 hours
No. of servingsas many as u like
Ingredients3 dozen vicunts finely crushed
one big pair of pissflaps
2 spunkbags
56 glasses of water
curry powder
1 paki thinly sliced
a bloody big plopperbag
1 melted minge pieces
4 snotballs
1 grated croaker
2 corn on the knob bits
3 dongers
Instructionspour water into plopper bag and add salt to taste
add paki pieces
put rest of ingrediants in and stand well back as likely to explode once croaker is put in
put bog roll in fridge to cool for ringpiece later
shove dongers in spunkbags and put on to boil for an hour
Notesbeware can blow your ringpiece to pieces so put glasses of water next to u flick the snotballs at window to give special effects while eating then leg it to the bog for 3 hours

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Death by Curry