orange lentil Dal     

Descriptionorange lentil Dal
Curry TypeLentil/Dal
Sourcean indian freind
Time to prepare10 mins
Time to cook15
No. of servings2
Ingredients1/2 cup orange lentils
1/2 cup white lentils
1/8 cup yellow split peas
pinch Tumeric
pinch salt
level teaspoon chili powder
level teaspoon Gara-Masala
2 large cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons of veg oil
Instructionsput lentils in saucepan and wash thoroughly - this is important as it will impair the taste.

either soak the lentils overnight - that way you only have to boil them for 10mins.


boils lentils for 1hr - until soft.

during boiling, scoop off froth which will form on the top.

whilst the lentils are boiling, in a separate saucepan add the veg oil, the finely chopped garlic, the salt, pinch of Tumeric, chilli, and Gara-Masala. also add to this a couple of tablespoons of your boiling lentils and cook (med/high heat) to make a kind of paste. cook until you can smell a burnt spicy smell - you will either love this part or hate it! i love it! cook this paste for ~5mins, then add the rest of your lentils with the water which you cooked them in and heat it all for approx 5mins.

eat with naans or wraps.
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