curry in spicy gravy     

Descriptioncurry in spicy gravy
Curry TypeChicken
Time to preparehalf hour
Time to cook30 to 45 mins
No. of servings4
1/2 kilo chickhen breast
cubed in 1/2 inch
3tbs veg oil add more if needed
1/2 cup water
2ts coriander powder
1ts garam masala powder
1/2ts mustard seeds
2ts sugar
1ts termic
1 tin tomato
2inch cinimon stick
3 green chillie
1 inch ginger grated
2 clove garlic grated
2 medium onions chopped finely
hand full of fresh coriander

put oil in pan and heat till smokeing
add mustard seeds, when they start to
pop,add onion and cook till brown,add
ginger and garlic cook for further
2mins and then add all the dry spicies
and the green chillie chopped finely,
cook for further 2mins till oil starts
to seperate,add chickhen and stir all
together, cook till chickhen turn white
add tin tomato but mash the tomatos
first,add sugar and let it cook for a
further 30 to 40 mins or until sauce
thicken up, check the chickhen is tend-
er,if the sauce is to thick and chickh-
en is not tender, add 1/2 cup of water
and cook till tender.
add freshly chopped coriander leafs
serve with rice
stir often so chickhen does not stick
to pan

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