chicken vindaloo with limes salad and rice     

Descriptionhot curry
Curry TypeVindaloo
Time to prepare30 mins
Time to cook30 mins
No. of servings4
IngredientsI inch freh ginger
Half bulb of garlic
2 Onions
1/4 bottle white wine
caramel sauce (optional)
fenugrek powder
garam masalla
cinnamon stick
bay leaves
fresh coriander
cayenne pepper
half a cup of cooking oil
5 chicken fillets
fresh coriander
2 limes
ice berg lettuce
1 400 gram tin of tomatoes
fresh chillies
small pot plain yoghurt
InstructionsBlend garlic and fresh ginger in half a cup of water
Boil onions in two cups of water and half cup oil
Add garlc and ginger puree
Boil for 20 minutes
Add 1 blended tin tomatoes
Boil for 5 minutes or so

Heat oil and add cinnamon stick bay leaves fenugreek..hiss
add tumeric
add 1 small chopped onion and fry in oil
Wash and chop chicken fillets
Fry until white
Add a judicious amount of the rest of the spices eg 3 tea spoons of a blend most receipies tell you to add too much

Stir fry for 5 minutes or so on medium
add white wine
boil away til thicker
Add the puree of onions garlic ginger and tomatoes
keep adding water as you boil on medium heat
add chopped chillies
after 30 minutes or so chop coriander and put it in

Basmati rice foolproof method

wash rice in several changes of water
add boiling water cook til al dante
wash with cold water
wash with boiling water
back in the pot leave for 30 minutes (do this at the beginning then when you have finished the curry it will be ready)

Make a salad of fresh oinion iceberg lettuce and red pepper garnish with limes and coriander

Really turn up the heat on the curry and serve..very nice with ice cold jacobs Creek Semillon Chardonnay


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