You Little Ripper     

DescriptionGot Gas? well you will after this!
Curry TypeComedy
DifficultyI work in a curry house
SourceCasey and Bonnie
Time to prepare100 hours
Time to cookUnspecified
No. of servingsNot Enuff
Ingredients1 whole bull anus and testicles
10 onions
3 whole cabbages
50 cans of baked beans
1000 red chillies
200 green chillies
4 packets of chilli seeds
2 tins of curry powder
1 tub of icecream
5000 jaliponoes
400 shakes of chilli flakes
700 mexican chillies
100 bottles of tabassco sauce
50 bottles of sweet chilli sauce

InstructionsChop up anus and testicles.Chuck in a huge bath(u know those ones with the feet). Throw in everythin else. Jump in and swim around a bit chuck a piss or 2. Get out and bring to boil. Keep the fire under the bath alight for 24 hours. Serve out at your next dinner party....and the next....and the next.......
NotesHave a gas mask handy

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Death by Curry