V Man     

DescriptionQuick n
Curry TypeComedy
DifficultyPiece of cake
SourceLooking for an easy paneer
Time to prepare24 Hours
Time to cook10 Minutes
No. of servings4-6
Ingredients1 Jar Cheese Whiz
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup curry
2 Tablespoons Biryani seasoning
2 Tablespoons green chillies
Sea salt to taste
optional, chopped green olives
InstructionsMelt Cheese Whiz, add milk to get right consistency. Add other ingredients, mix well, and put in fridge overnight. It can be used immediatley, but it tastes better if you let it set.
Cook perogies, heat sauce, pour over perogies and enjoy.
NotesModify measurements at your leisure.
Hope you like it.

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