Totally Vegetable Curry     

DescriptionVegey friendly
Curry TypeVegetable
SourceMy local Curry house
Time to prepare30
Time to cook40
No. of servings4
Ingredients10 Carrots (Finely ChoPPED)
A stalk of Brocolli
A dead Mongose
3 Gutted chickens
3 Chicken Guts
1 Life Affirming succulent sopping firm breast.
The Moist Confines of a warm welcoming minge.
Knob Cheese.
30 Olives
A tablespoon of chilli powder.
InstructionsPut the broccoli and Carrots in the minge. Cook in Frying Pan. Plenty of Melted lard required (made from slowly totured animals)
Put guts into gutted chickens.
Stir and coat in Knob cheese.
Have bum with Mongoose.
Hydrate with breast. Then put olives up its ass.
Add grated onion garnish and enjoy.
NotesFor vegetarions. You heartless gits making our butchers bankrupt. I hope you die, you skinny pieces of Camel Turd.
I eat meatmmmmm yes meat. Oh sorry you don

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Death by Curry