DescriptionOld Fashioned Hay Stacks with a Twist
Curry TypeGhosht
DifficultyI work in a curry house
SourceChanning Curry House Inc.
Time to prepareVaries
Time to cook20 minutes
No. of servingsDepends on your Cravings
Ingredients6 cups of "Organic" Flour
2 cups of "Organic" Water
1/4 cup of "Organic" Refined Vinegar
1/4 cup of "Organic" Ostrich Eggs
2 large pressed squares of "Gho-sht"
6 pinches of "Crystalized" Curry
1 Banada
3 Cloves
1/3 pound of Goat Meat
2 pounds of lard
InstructionsCombine Flour, Water and Ostrich Eggs in mixing machine. Drop in both large squares of pressed curry. Mix on "Puree" for 5 minutes being aware of any large bangs that might occur in mixing machine while crushing curry.

In large fry pan, skillet the goat meat until about 2/3 cooked though. Drain grease and use for cookie tray oiling so cookies dont stick when baking.

In large mixing bowl, dump in mixing machine contents, add in the dead 2/3 cooked goat meat, add in the cloves.

Mix very fast for 3 minutes being sure to churn up the bottom for good mixing experience. Add in "Organic" vinegar.

Place on oven in large cooking pot, place 2 pounds of lard in bottom before dumping entire mixture over. Take banana with peel, jam into the center of the pot, just jam it in the mixture. Good Stuff.

Cook for 10 minutes...

Take out and roll cookies into fist size clumps, make look like haystacks, look at picture in encyclopedia if you need.

Cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes in oven.

Garnish with Crystalized Curry and serve.
NotesJust like Grandma Ofamusa used to make back in India. While mixing, watch for airborne curry chunks from the squares, can cause eye injuries.

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