Princeton Lamb Curry by Raj & Mithoo Sinha     

Curry TypeLamb
StrengthMedium hot
SourceRaj & Mithoo Sinha of Princeton New Jersey
Time to prepareApprox 2 hours
Time to cookApprox 1 hour
No. of servings5
IngredientsLeg of Lamb - cut in cubes - take fat off - bone in (have the butcher cut it in small pieces)
4 Onions - cut thick
Cinnamon Stick (2 - break in half)
Few Cloves
Minced Garlic
Grated Ginger
Tamarind Powder
Green Chilli Pepper - few
Cut Tomatoes
Cubed Potatoes - big chunks
Plain Yoghurt (Optional)
Coriandar Leaves (Optional)
Olive Oil
InstructionsHeat Big no-stick pan
As the pan starts to smoke:
Add Olive Oil - let itheat for a few second then add spices & stir (Not Garlic & Ginger)
The oil will splatter - put the lid on for a few second - don
NotesAdd Chilli Pepper to make it hotter

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