Phils Afro-Anglican Sausage and Mushroom Curry     

DescriptionHot and easy like ur mum.
Curry TypeMeat
Sourcehalf invented, half stolen
Time to prepareZero
Time to cook80 mins
No. of servings3
Ingredients6 sausages
250g button mushrooms
1 medium red onion
4 big spring onions (6 little)
1 red pepper
6 bird eye chillis
3 garlic cloves
2 tins chopped toms
cumin seeds
herbs de provance

Slowly fry sausages in plenty of oil in large pan.

Whilst they cook, do all your prep work:

Chop spring and red onions (medium), chillis (fine) and grate garlic cloves (medium) and put all in a bowl. Wash mushrooms and pepper.
Slice mushrooms in half and slice pepper into coin sized pieces. Set to one side.

When sausages are nicely light brown (DO NOT over cook them!!), remove from pan and put aside to settle.

Keeping the heat low/medium, put bowl of onions, garlic and chillis in same pan and gently cook for 4-5 mins. Halfway through add level teaspoon of tumeric.

Turn heat up to medium. Add level teaspoon of cumin seeds closely followed by shrooms (Add mexican shrooms from camden high st. if u wish).

Gently work that in and let the shrooms cook for a few mins whilst slicing the sausages into 1.5cm bits.

Add sausage pieces. Cook a few mins more. Add 2 tins chopped toms + water (1/2 a cup ish). Add corriander and herbs de provance as u wish, stir it all in, turn heat down low, wait til its bubbling gently then leave it for 45 mins - an hour.

Add pepper pieces 10 mins before it is ready to serve. They should have a slight crunch.

Serve with plain boiled rice (no salt, no oil), a good chutney and very cold tins of cobra lager.

Every time you cook this curry an angel gets it

Just one thing. As Gordon Ramsey says, make love to it, don

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