Mango Chutney     

DescriptionMango Chutney Sri Lankan style
Curry TypeSidedish
SourceHenry Collingridge
Time to prepareUnspecified
Time to cookUnspecified
No. of servings
Ingredients1 lb unripe mangoes (about 2 of medium size)
1.5 lb sugar
1 oz dried chillies (this is a lot of chillies - use less if you like)
0.5 pint white wine vinegar
3 cloves garlic
10 cardomom pods
0.25 lb sultanas
InstructionsPeel the mangoes and cut into small flat chunks. Put the these and the sugar in a pan with a little water. Boil until the mango is cooked (it should go translucent) .

Meanwhile, put the vinegar, chillies and garlic in a liquidizer and chop them till theyre smooth. Add these to the mix along with the cardomom and boil until you achieve something a little thinner than the consistency you require - it will thicken as it cools. Finally, add the sultanas and bottle it.

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