Lord of the Ring     

Curry TypeWeird
DifficultyPiece of cake
SourceCasey J. of Australia
Time to prepare20 mins
Time to cook10 hours
No. of servings40
Ingredients4 Hobbits
1 Ork
7000 chopped red chillies
1 Gold inscripted Ring
8 Sliced Green Apples
5kg of Chocolate
5 Dwarfs
8cups of Cat Litter (for texture)
400 shakes of Chilli Flakes
1 Wizard
50 cups of Paprika
3 Elves
70 litres of Sour Cream
5500 chopped Green Chillies
2 litres of Tabasco Sauce
30 bottles of Chilli Sauce
1 Weird ugly dude thet eats raw fish
5 giant Eagle beaks
3 Buckets of molten lava
1 bitten off finger (probably your own)
Lotsa Water

Side Dish
2kg fresh dog poo
Bucketfull of sprinkles
1kg Honey
Bread to wrap.
InstructionsThis Recipe can be made outside in a halved water tank on stilts over a fire. First things first, Restrain the Hobbits, Dwarfs, Elves, Wizard, Ugly Dude and Ork. Kill all with weapon of choice, e.g. Glowing sword, Magic Stick etc. and part the meat from bone, cut meat into cubes and add to water in tank.
While waiting for that to boil, head down to the local dog park and wait around for some fresh poo. Collect the required amount. Once this has been retreived add to honey and roll in sprinkles, Wrap in bread and place in freezer.
Once Curry in boiling add chopped chillies(both red and green),Sliced Apples, Tabassco sauce, chilli sauce Eagle Beaks, chilli flakes and stir, let simmer for 8 hours.
After the 8 hours, Add to the mixture the Sour Cream, the Molten Lava, chocolate and Cat Litter( for the crunchy Texture.)Let simmer for 1 hour.
When times up stand upon a ladder above the tank and hold out the inscripted ring, this kinda give you the whole in the volcano, destroy the ring feel, throw in the ring and the bittin off finger. Let simmer for 1 more hour
Remove from heat if desired and serve with the side dish from the freezer. The meat should be tender and taste yummy as middle earth....i mean hell!
NotesIf all your finger digets have been used, or you have no arms, either, A:Bite off someone elses or B:Bite off a toe.

For the crunchy Texture most Cat litter works fine but i find the Black and Gold varity is the best.


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