Lentil & Carrot     

DescriptionVegi - hot as you like
Curry TypeLentil/Dal
StrengthMedium hot
Time to prepare15mins
Time to cook30mins
No. of servings 2-4 (side curry)
IngredientsRed lentils (simmered for 10 mins)
Carrot (1 or 2 depending(sliced) simmer for 10 mins with lentils) (or use tinned - no simmering)
Potato (if you want to add a bit)
Garlic (much as you like - for heat, at least 2 or 3 cloves)
Chilli(s) or powder
A clove
Green cardamom (much as you like)
Malt vinegar
Garam masala
Canned tomatoes
InstructionsSimmer the red lentils and carrots (cut into slices)for about 10 mins
Fry onion and garlic gently
Add lentils and carrots (and any optional potato)
and fry briefly. Add water and other ingredients as follows.

The basis of this dish is garlic, chili, ginger (root or powder) and vinegar: it comes down to how hot you wish it to be. So add paprika and black pepper to keep it spicey but cool, or stuff in the chili and ginger. Dont forget that vinegar and garlic make heat.
The cardamom is to make it slightly sweet.

A tablespoon of malt vinegar makes it quite hot.

Dont forget a minute amount of salt (but minute)

Add the tomatoes simmer and eat it wettish or make it stodgy by turning the heat up. Give it 45 mins on average (after the onion-frying stage)

Taste: if its weak add: tomato puree or a small amount of tomato ketchup (this will make it sweeter if it doesnt want to be sweeter, tamarind paste - a tiddly bit) OR Veg stock cube OR Lea & Perrins OR More Chili
Notesurm I think I did that - good for vegetarians goes with pork I think more than chicken -
can be frozen and will improve with age

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