Lazy three chillie chicken!     

Descriptionspicy & tangy baked succulent chicken & onions
Curry TypeChicken
StrengthVery Hot
DifficultyPiece of cake
Time to prepare20 mins
Time to cook30 mins
No. of servings6
Ingredients6 chicken breasts (cubed)
4 onions (peeled and cut into wedges)
2 tbsps ginger (pureed)
5 tbsps garlic (pureed)
500ml natural yoghurt
10 green chillies (pureed or sliced)
2 tsps red chilli powder
3 tsps west Indian hot pepper sauce
3 tbsps lemon juice
4 tbsps curry powder
2tsps sugar
black pepper
3 tbsps oil
2 ozs butter (optional)
1 bunch coriander (washed and chopped)
2 lemons (cut into wedges to serve)
Instructions1. wash chicken cubes and cut onions, first into quarters then into eighths.

2. dip chicken in lemon juice than roll in chillie powder. Heat oil and fry chicken on high heat to seal for approx 4/5 mins. Remove from oil.

3. In the same oil, fry onions for 2 mins to brown. Add curry powder, garlic, ginger and chillies. Fry for 3 mins on low/medium heat. Turn off heat.

4. Pour all into a baking dish, add all the other ingredients.

5. Bake in oven on a medium/high heat for 30 mins.

6. Check the chicken is meltingly tender. The onion should be soft and the yoghurt will become a thick, spicy sauce, clinging to the chicken.

serve with lemon wedges to squeeze over and crispy tomato & cabbage salad. Fill pitta pockets.

NotesReduce the chillies if prefered. A great lazy sunday lunch!

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