Lamb Pardesi     

DescriptionAn authentic dish
Curry TypeLamb
StrengthMedium hot
Sourceglaswegian curry houses...this is my take on it
Time to prepare5 mins
Time to cook25
No. of servings4
Ingredientsoil or ghee for frying.

1 lb lamb, mutton is best but if not then lamb fillet will do.

bag of spinach.


4 onions, 2 finely chopped, 2 sliced.

garlic, finely chopped.

ginger, grated over the pan of hot ghee to keep in the juices.

cumin seeds,

ground turmeric

chilli powder

3 fresh green chillis

ground cinnamon

all, to taste....

1 beef/lamb stock cube.
Instructionsfry the garlic, ginger and the ground spices in the ghee or oil until aromatic...smell them if you are not sure of the amount. It depends on your own personal taste.
Once this is done, add the cubed mutton or lamb until brown.

Next add the onions and the mushrooms.
Make sure the veg and meat are well coated in the spiced oil.

Add some water to braise the ingredients and the stock cube. Mix well.

Test the meat after 25 mins and if ready then add the chopped spinach, 2 good handfulls will do. Once the spinach has been wilted down into the curry take off the heat and add as much chopped fresh chilli as you want.

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