King Prawn Goa mouthgasm     

DescriptionWebsters Succulent King Prawns in a delicious hot sauce
Curry TypeSeafood
StrengthVery Hot
Sourcehassling friendly curry house proprioters
Time to prepare40 mins
Time to cook3 hours
No. of servings4
Ingredients4 medium onions
1 bulb of garlic
same amount of root ginger as garlic
Decent amount of BIG King prawns
large bunch of fresh coriander
15 bird eye chillies (red or green)
1 teasp each of ground:
garam masala

Large lump of ghee (fist size)
tomato puree
tin of tomatoes
fresh tomatoes x 3
Big wadge of dried fenugreek (methi) leaves
3 x med size Potatoes

Basmati rice to serve
InstructionsThis is a mind blowingly delicious curry, whatever the heat, and it is mega healthy. The lenghty part is the sauce. The quick bits , the curry itself takes relatively no time at all. You could make the sauce in advance and freeze it)Either way, you will not be disappointed!!

Slap on your favourite CD, crack a lager, and enjoy the whole process...

Chop the onions
Peel, slice and cream the garlic
pulverise the ginger (grating will do)

Heat the ghee to nearly (be careful) smoking point. Add onions and stir immediately, enjoying their fragrance. Stir vigourously and constantly and as the heat anarchy settles, reduce heat. Add both garlic and ginger, stir in, reduce heat further so you can get on with the next bit without burning anything.

Add all ground spice and enough water into a separate container and mix into a smooth paste.

Raise temperature of pot, to dangerous levels again, and add this spice mixture. Stir constantly over this very high heat for two minutes. (TIP) if it sticks, add just a touch of water, reduce heat, and this should lift off the the sticky spice. Reduce heat. DO NOT BURN. NEVER BURN!!

Add a huge spurt of tomatoe puree, the can of tomatoes, and the real tomatoes. Also add a load of water, sea salt (one teasp) one veggie oxo. (BEEF, what the hell....)

And reduce heat to a simmer....for three hours...constantly check and stir.
Boring, I know, but get on with your life meantime. 3 hours later, (could be 2,taste and see).

Meanwhile, Cook potatoes, cube into bite size bits (no bigger). SEIVE AND LEAVE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

Chop the fresh coriander.
Chop the fresh bird eye chilies and..

when you are ready to eat in say..20 minutes ?

Cook the rice.


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