Jelly Botty Mutton Vindaloo     

Descriptionmutton vindaloo
Curry TypeVindaloo
Time to prepare1-2hours
Time to cook4 hours
No. of servings8-14
Ingredients8 medium size onions
8 cloves of garlic
2 whole chillies (any kind but leave in seeds) 1 large handful of fresh corriander
2 green capsicums 1 red capsicums
1 mango green if possible
1 apple peeled and cored
400grams of chick peas canned is ok
50 grams of coconut paste
3 lemons juiced
100ml of vinegar white wine or cider will do
200ml of tomato pulp
100ml of pineapple juice
8 potatoes peeled and cut in half
4 tablespoons of vindaloo paste any good one
1 tablespoon of turmeric
2 tablespoons of cumin
1 tablespoon of corriander
1 teaspoon of garm masala
3 tablespoons of hot curry powder
2 tablespoons of paprika
1 teaspoon of basil
1 2.5kg leg of mutton roasted
3.5 litres of water
3 tablespoons of peach or mango chutney if cant get apricot jam will do

Instructionschop all of onion fry until brown in ghee
add and fry half of the garlic chopped also
chop up finly the chilli add half to onions
pound the two halves of garlic and chilli in motar and pecil add to rest
chop capsicum fry until soft add to the rest
cut up the mutton into cubes and boil 2 litres of water pour onto clean bones simmer add last to rest
cover the cubed mutton with the vinegar and put to one side
now take two large serving spoons of the fried mix add to fry pan and add the peeled/cored apple and mango(peeled and cut avoid husk)
add tomato pulp and 1.5 litres of water simmer then add all of your spices and vindaloo paste and fresh corriander and basil
then leve to simmer meanwhile blitz your chickpeas and lemon juice together in the food processor
then add your coconut paste and yor chutney to your curry base
now add your peeled potatoes and then combine the two mixes together stir well simmer and TASTE it should be well hot but full of flavour then if spot on add pineaple juice add or take pineapple juice if to hot add mor not enough ad less but bear in mind I know this recipie
now if you like you vindaloo really full of vinegar flavour add your mutton
as is I drain it as I want to blend and layer the flavours now top up your water from the mutton bones to two litres as would have reduced and add all together.Now put into deep baking dishes p.s little tip if like me you havent got huge dishes potion out the
mutton into your dishes it make life easier.
Then cook for four hours on 120-140c
this make this curry full of flavour and blows your mind i thank you.

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