Curry TypeBalti
DifficultyEasy to moderate
Time to prepare10 mins
Time to cook4.5 hours
No. of servings6
Ingredients8 Chicken Breasts
2 pounds of english onions (chopped)
1 oz double concentrated tomato puree (Italian preferably)
3 oz Daw Sen Industries Curry Powder (note this is the real stuff from Calcuta)
Half oz of flaked dried pepers (Hot)
2 oz minced ginger.
Half oz Tarragon Leafs (chopped)
Tiny amount of Galangal Root Powder and Clove Powder (less than a pinch of each)
One whole packet of butter (not vegatable fat or any other substitute, and if you are not in Europe go to spcialty store and buy such as Lurpak or President)
2 oz minced garlic (any will do but Polish is best)
One deep sided frying pan with copper bottom.

InstructionsTake butter and place in
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