Fire Lamb Tikka      

DescriptionLamb Tikka
Curry TypeLamb
StrengthVery Hot
DifficultyVery Hard
SourceI work for the best ethnic food company in England
Time to prepare2-3hrs
Time to cook45mins
No. of servings8

2.0kg (4 lb) Boneless Leg of Lamb.
4 Teaspoon ground Cumin.
1 Teaspoon Turmeric.
1 Teaspoon Salt.
12 Teaspoons natural yogurt.
2 Onions,finely chopped.
10 cm (4 inch) piece fresh root ginger,grated.
4 cloves of Garlic,crushed.
2 Teaspoons Gram Masala.
8 Scottish Bonnet Chillies (Very Hot)
2 Green Peppers
1 Red Pepper
4 Teaspoons of Grapseed Oil.
2 Teampoons of Sugar.

InstructionsTrim the fat from the lamb and cut into 4cm (1.5inch) cubes. Place in a large glass bowl add 5 teaspoons of water. Cover with Cling Film and steem in the microwave for 5 mins. Drain the liquid from the bowl as we are going to use this later.

Place in a large mixing bowl the Cumin, Termeric, Salt, Yogurt, Ginger, and Garlic. Mix together well Cover with cling film and leave in the refridgerator 4 to 6 hrs.

With a pestle and morter crush the chillies to a pulp. But be carfull as these buggers realy do burn. So ware rubber gloves.

Corse Chopp the red and green peppers and place in a large glass bowl then add 4 teaspoons of water and cover. Place this in the microwave and blanch for 2 minutes.

Dry spice:

Murghal Spice.

Seeds from 60 g (2oz) green Cardamom pods.
Two 7.5cm (3 inch) Cinnamon Sticks crushed.

1 Teaspoon whole Cloves.
2 Teaspoons black Peppercorns.
1 Teaspoon greated Nutmeg.

This is the hard part:

Place the Murghal Spice in a dry pan and cover with lid. Heat pan for 2 to 3 minutes.

By doing this you will release the natural oils of the spice. Have the lamb ready as you are going to a this to the dry spice. Take the spice off the heat and quickley add the lamb. Ware oven gloves as you are going to shake the pan. Once complete turn off the heat and leave for 5 minutes. Now add the lamb stock you drained earler and the oil and cook on medium heat for 6 minutes. Add the crushed chillies and sugar.

Now add the Cumin, Termeric, Salt, Yogurt, Ginger, and Garlic mix from the refridgerator and the peppers. Then cook for 30mins on low heat.

Searve with Safron Rice and garnish with slices of lime.

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