Easy London chicken curry.     

DescriptionGreat basic curry.
Curry TypeChicken
StrengthMedium hot
Sourcedave cole.
Time to prepare10-15 mins
Time to cook1 hour
No. of servings4
Ingredients1-Quality curry paste(not cook-in sauce)
2-medium onions.
2-garlic cloaves.
3-skinned chicken breasts.
1-cup of vegtable stock.
2-tins of chopped tomatoes.
fresh corriander.
InstructionsMy normal curries start with crushing seeds and grinding leaves, but this will subsitute a quality pre-mixed paste
(most super markets have them, make sure its paste not a pour over mix)
Use a thick bottomed deep pan (like a pressure cooker base)
Add about 1/2 an inch of oil to the pan
Finely Chop 2 onions and soften in the pan
This should be on a low heat and allow the onions to go golden
With the onions add 2 chopped cloves of garlic (or a large teaspoon of purée)
Now turn the heat up to Medium/Hot
When the onions are golden add the chicken (2-3 Skinned breasts will be enough for 4 people)
Put in the Curry paste about 2 large teaspoons(this will vary by make so read the label)
Stir for a few minutes as it all starts to stick Add 1 cup of vegetable stock
Then 2 tins of chopped tomatoes
Turn the heat back down to a gentle simmer You can add any vegetables now
(spinach, carrots, peas.Don
NotesThis is only a basic curry mix, you can add yoghurt and coconut to bring the heat down or at the onion stage you can add chillies to bring the heat up(I find about 6 chopped red chillies make it into a ring burner)
Add extra fresh tomatoes 5 minutes before serving if you like that tomato
flavour.And my top tip with making curries is write down exactly how much and how you used all the ingredients
because when you taste it and think this is the best ever..you have a record of what you did
sad but true!
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