Daves Stinger     

Descriptionchicken Vindaloo
Curry TypeVindaloo
SourceDave Henwood
Time to prepare45 mins
Time to cook60mins
No. of servings6
Ingredients4 chicken breasts cut into 1" chunks
2 large onoins
10 Garlic cloves
12 birdseye chillis (or more)
bunch fresh corriander
2" fresh ginger
1 grated carrot
juice of lemon
tin tomatoes
Tomatoe puree
sweet chilli sauce
1 table spoon Chilli powder/cayenne pepper
4 table spoons vinegar
1 table spoon ofground cummin,corriander, tumeric.
Instructionsput all vegatables in food processor with 1/4 bunch fresh corriander and blend to a paste.

Mix all the spices with a little water.

put oil in a wok /frying pan and fry spices, after 1 min add chicken.
after 2 mins add pureed vegatables and tomatoe puree, and vinegar and lemon juice cook for 5 mins add chilli sauce.

put in a casserole dish and cook in oven gas mk5 45 mins.

Chop more fresh corrianer on top before serving
NotesIf you want it seriously hot use Daves insanity sauce instead of sweet chilli
but beware!

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