Curried Duck Trinidad Style     

Ok, so here it is, my curried duck Trinidad style recipe. I'm not going to lie this one could be lethal. This recipe will produce a really great curry for you, it is one of my favourites. The best bit about it is that if you are looking for credit crunch munch, and regularly look for advice online and at (, you will be pleased to know you won't have to blow the budget with this one. You'll get a yummy curry that will blow your head off instead.

I have set the recipe out in the clearest way possible, it has everything you need to know from the level of spiciness to the number of servings. You don't have to be the best cook in the world or the most experienced to be able to pull this off. I believe any curry fan can create this and will be proud once they are eating their meaty masterpiece.

Curry TypeWeird
SourceAdrian Boodan- the chef
Time to prepare1 day
Time to cook2 hours
No. of servings10
Ingredients1- 3 kilogramme duck, (or an equivalent ammount meat)dressed and cut into bite sized pieces.
1-bundle of fresh chives (or about 1 and a half cup chopped chives.)
2-hot scotch bonnet peppers or ten(10) redhot chillies if you really love pepper.
3-teaspoon yellow curry powder.
1-teaspoon amchar masala
1-teaspoon roasted ground cumin(geera)
1-teaspoon tumeric.
4- cloves garlic.
half- teaspoon ground black pepper.
1-tsp chopped cilantro or 1 bundle of
Instructions1. Thoroughly clean and wash the duck meat, remove any small feathers and set a side to allow the excess water to drain out of the meat.

2. In a blender combine the carlic, chives, cilantri, chadon beni and peppers with a half cup of water, blend until smooth.

3. Put meat into a large stainless steel bowl.

4. Add the ground seasoning from the blender inclusive of the liquid.

5. Add to the meat: 1tsp amchar masala, 1 tsp tumeric, 1 tsp geera, 1 tsp yellow curry.

6. Mix the meat thoroughly to ensure it becomes coated with the mixture. slpash on a dash of aromatic bitters.
allow the meat to marinade overnight in the refrigerator.

7. Heat the oil in a curved base heavy cast iron pot rather than a flat based frying pan type pot.

8. When the oil starts to smoulder add one clove of peeled unchopped carlic to the oil.Allow the garlic to fry until it not remove.

9. Add the meat, reserve the marinade.

10. Cover and allow to simmer for 40 minutes.

11. Combine the remaining ingredients including the coconut creme with the rest of the marinade and add to the pot after the first 2o minutes of cooking.
adjust salt to taste. More pepper can be added of desired.
NotesThe duck can be finished with a curry sauce to be served with rice or be cooked dry without a gravy to serve as a finger food. If allowed to cook dry add 2 teaspoons of roasted ground geera 1 minute before turning off the stove for an additional aromatic geera flavour.

If serving as a finger food it goes down best with cold beer.

A hot pepper saucce can be made by combining lime juice, with equal portions of: chopped peppers, chopped cubed carrots, chopped carili or bitter gourd, chopped onions.

This side dish appetizer is called by trinidadians , a "mother in law". The lime juice brings out the zing in the pepper.

do enjoy

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