Breakfast Curry.     

DescriptionCurry Cocktail
Curry TypeComedy
DifficultyPiece of cake
SourceAncient Family Recipe
Time to prepare12 hours
Time to cook0
No. of servings1
Ingredients1 x Chicken Phall
1 x Meat Phall
1 x Chicken Jalfrazi
1 x Sag Aloo (Phall Strength)

All cooked with extra garlic

3 x yobs that can
InstructionsTake 3 x friends out on the town and slowly get them fucked off their faces over a peroid of four hours.

Remove from bar once friends start to turn red faced or believe they still look cool whilst jumping around like a set of twats.

Place friends round a table in a curry house, and talk them into thinking it is a good idea to order the hotest dishes on the menu.

Once friends have started to eat, wait until they all need to run to the toilet to throw up.

Once all friends are vomiting ask the Waiter if he can squeeze all of their food into one box to take home.

Once at home place curry in the fridge to marinade over night.

Eat chilled the following morning directly from box using the cardboard lid as a spoon.


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Death by Curry