vegetable Recipes

Creamy Dal and Aloo Gobi Sorta     
Aloo Gobi     
Aloo Palak     
Aloo Palak     
Aloo Rasdar     
Aloo Saag     
Saag Aloo     
Baigan Bharta     
Bell Pepper Curry     
Carrot-Cashew Curry     
Cauliflower Tomato and Green Pea Curry     
Very Spicy Chickpeas     
1 gal. chickpea curry     
Pumpkin Fugadh     
Eggplant Potato Curry     
Gobi Aloo     
Lentil and green long beans     
Indian Rice with Lentils and Mushrooms     
Masoor Dahl in Tomato Sauce     
Mixed Vegetable Curry     
Sabzi bhaji     
Mushroom Thai curry     
Mushroom Curry     
Okra (Ladies Fingers) Curry     
Bhindi (Okra) Curry     
Pumpkin curry     
Red Kidney Beans - Indian     
Indian Rice with Lentils and Mushrooms     
Moghul Vegetable Curry     
Curried Vegetable Stew     
Vegetable Curry     
Vegetables with Coconut Cream     
Aloo Achar     
Aloo Aur Simla Ki Mirch     
Aloo Methi     
Aloo Palak     
Aloo Chat     
Anils Potato Tomato Curry     
Bean masala     
Vegetable Coconut Curry     
Chilli Baked Beans     
Masale Pia Saag (mix vegetable with dal)     
Jalpiya Saag (cauliflower and aloo sabzi)     
Beans and coconut     
TCK (Third Culture Kid) Curry     
Baked Aubergines Bartha     
Cauliflower in Coconut Sauce     
Totally Vegetable Curry     
Karela (Bitter gourd Vegetable)     
Vegetable Curry     

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