hot Recipes

Baigan Bharta     
Sri Lanka Chicken Curry     
Hot Madras Lamb Curry     
Potato Pathia     
Gang Keo Wan     
Lamb Rogan Josh     
Goat Curry     
Mango Chutney     
Green Papaya curry     
The Assmaster     
Chicken Bhuna     
Saturday Night Fever     
Chilli Chicken     
Chicken Lime Vindaloo     
Kashmiri Pulao      
Vegetable Pakoras      
chicken vindaloo with limes salad and rice     
Plicockie Eggs     
Phall - the hottest curry of them all.     
JCs Friday Night In     
Chilli Baked Beans     
Chilli Chicken     
pappadanjoe wings     
Prawn Madras     
orange lentil Dal     
TCK (Third Culture Kid) Curry     
Phils Afro-Anglican Sausage and Mushroom Curry     
Yemeni Bis Bass     
Lemon-lime Eggplant Curry with Grilled Chicken     
Karimeen Porichathu      
bombay potatos     
Enders hot bot     
Lamb Dhansak     
Chicken Jalfrezi     
Beef Bangalore Phall Recipe     

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Death by Curry